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Below are some of the Services provided by Icon Capital Property Sdn Bhd


Valuation of all real estate properties for various purposes as required by the client including for sale, purchase or investment, auction, mortgage, Credit security, fire insurance, liquidation/ receiverships, taxation, assets valuation for corporate accounting and submission to security commission. Valuation of plant and machinery also valuation and consultancy for compulsory acquisition, composition claims including appearance as expert witness in judicial proceeding, rental reviews,” going concern” valuation and for rating purposes for local authority.

Real estate agency/Project marketing

Sale, purchase and letting of all types of real estate ranging from vacant lands and individual houses to high-rise office blocks, shopping complexes, industrial buildings, development lands and plantations.

Locating, identifying and securing sites for special users. Advice on promotion and sales/marketing strategies of all type of commercial and industrial schemes.

Property Management

Management of the building from single residential unit to a property portfolio consisting of various types of property to optimised the capital appreciation and maximise the investment return.

Recommendations on rental, Service charges, sinking funds and sales policies. Collection of rents and payments of all outgoings. Maintaining rent rolls and Account. Control and supervision of repairs, maintenance and redecoration.

Advice on insurance and valuation of fire insurance. Ensuring performance of tenancy agreements and implementation rental reviews.

Property Research

Undertake market and feasibility studies / surveys and market intelligence research. Provide analysis to determine demand and supply. Conduct marketability studies – assessment of feasibility of projects.

Access development proposals on their suitability to client’s needs. Studying and recommending proposed selling prices. Provide continuous market research, investment and economic analysis and property indices. Provide property related advice via research on investment and privatisation proposals.

Development Consultancy

Evaluation of existing property portfolio. Acquisitions of lands which are ripe for development. Facilitate applications to state and relevant authorities for alienation of land and other approvals. Determine the most appropriate layout for subdivision to achieve the optimum return.

Consider relevant forms for development for a particular site including the development concept mix, layout design and expected marketability. Advise on the most effective mechanism of development right, sale and leaseback and others. Source for and recommend joint venture partners. Conduct project tendering evaluates development proposals to achieve the best use. Monitor progress, cost and quality.

Investment Consultancy

Advice on property investment strategy and the right mix for real estate portfolio. Advice on assets diversification and the management risks.

Advice the acquisition and holding of property for long and / or short term investment. Considered aspects of property taxation. Assessment on the viability and feasibility of the projects.

Advice clients in the understanding of the real estate market situation at certain particular of time.

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